Smartphone application development

We develop smartphone apps

We plan and develop smartphone apps for iPhone/iPad and Android. To date we have made For Clients: Social apps and Photo apps In-House: Recipe apps, Quiz apps, Sightseeing apps and more... We provide full support - from planning and development to app release.

Please contact us to discuss you app ideas.

Our pre-development proposals work in the following ways:

●Demonstrations of our apps.

●Prototypes based on client meetings and discussions.

●Benefits of app demonstrations

a )When the client has a quite fixed idea of what they want to make we get them to play with a prototype and help them get a feel for the direction and final result that they desire.

b )When the client has a general idea, but nothing fixed we get them to play with a prototype to help flesh out their ideas. We also hold meetings where they can play with apps and use them as a way to plan what they want.

We have received very positive feedback on the use of prototype apps for clarifying development direction. (Overview of selected meeting and examples) ・'Social App' for communications company. We proposed additional features for a location information app. ・'Tie-Up App for a Television Program' for an advertising company. We proposed an app that connected with the program site.  ・'Dress-Up Quiz App' for a fashion company.  Proposed an app for acquiring new customers. ・'Anime Dress-Up App' for an advertising company. Proposed an app for acquiring new customers.

Characteristics of our development

1) Prototype Development. Pros: Creating a bare-bones app without all features means that a testable app can be quickly produced. This enables us and the client to begin discussing the app at an early stage. Cons: Developing with a limited timeframe means that the overall direction of the app must be decided upon (changes and fixes to the app add to the development cost and can result in release delays).

2) Small Team Development. 'Close teamwork' Development in small teams is characterized by quick communication and project awareness. Consideration of updates and discussion of feature ideas occurs as part of the work process and results in increases app quality.

3)Smooth communication between the client, the contact person and the developer. App development proceeds with regular client meetings. Changes and additions are discussed while playing with apps-in-development. Development process

The general outline of the app development process is as follows


1. Contact. Please contact us through our forum, by email, or by telephone.

2. Meeting. Share your thoughts with us. ・What are your reasons for developing an app? We listed to your ideas and make a proposal (if you have reference images or system overview please let us know). Of course, even if you do not have a firm image of what you would like to make we would love to hear your ideas and help you find the right direction.

3. Quote. We produce a quote based on the outcomes of the above steps. A contract is then prepared (after considering what we are able to do in-house, the development timeline, preparation of materials etc...)

4. You consider the contract and quote. If you decide to work with us we enter the formal contract stage. First we discuss the proposed app. Then the technical details are discussed.

・ Specifications and requirement definitions

・ Design and UI

・ Development schedule

・ Payment confirmation

・ Post-delivery management are discussed.

5. App creation. The app is created.

・Design UI

・ System development (based on specifications and requirement definitions), in-development           progress reporting, app checking * We proceed always checking the the app content and               direction match your specifications.

6. When the test app is ready testing is performed both by us and the you.

7. If the test results are OK the app is finished and ready for delivery.

8. App submission. The app is submitted to AppStore and AndroidMarket (as relevant).

9. App operation and management is necessary. In the case that you cannot do this we are able       to do this for you (at the contract stage this will be decided). We will also discuss and propose       app updates in line with you and your user's ideas.