Company Information


Company name

Akademia Systems Corporation


April 1st, 2004 


28 million yen

Business contents 

 (1) Development and providing remote education video-conference and other online conferences systems, cyberspace

(2) Creating apps for smartphones (iPhone/Android), Web page editing and WEB system architecture

Number of employees

6 ( 4 males and 2 females )


Representative President: Gen Suzuki (Gen NTT laboratory and Gen Tottori prefecture industrial technology center)

Director Mayumi Funo (Funo Small business consultant firm)

Director Kiuchi Ichiro (Director of Co., Ltd. Kiuchi systems)

Director: Yoshiki Oshima (United States, Viewpoints Research Institute research fellow)

Major shareholders

Major shareholders

Gen Suzuki

Tottori capital co., Ltd.

Gokin Capital Co., Ltd.

San-in Godo Bank, Ltd.

Accademia limited company

Business partners list

* 50, alphabetic order

NTT West Japan (West Japan Telegraph and telephone Corporation)


Kosaido co., Ltd.

Xinzhou Inc.

Tokyo Schule

Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd.

Tokyo University of science

Tottori Prefectural Government

Tottori University

University of Japan

Japan-Hewlett Packard HP

Fujitsu co., Ltd.

Head Office

Japan, 680-0053, Tottori Prefecture, Tottori Teramachi 50, NTT Teramachi Building, 3rd Bldg. 2floor


15 minutes walk or 5 min. by bus from Tottori station 

Tokyo Office

Japan, 101-0054, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Kanda Nishiki-cho 3-21

Chiyoda platform square (CPS) 1140

Metropolitan Division

5-13 -36 Katase Fujisawa city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan 251-0032


Sendai Office