Videoconference (education) system


In-House Meetings

• Hold a quick vote for convenient quick response.

• Participants can show their feelings with the action button. Language Learning

• Answer questions on the spot. Hold smooth lessons - whether One-to-One or One-to-Many.


• Use the action button to check participant reactions as you hold your seminar.

• Take a survey and get feedback from participants.

DynaRoom Details


No need to install

As DynaRoom is made in Flash it does not need to be installed. Just access the web page to use anytime, anywhere.


Perform various actions with one-click and revitalize the discussion. Body language and subtle sounds are essential for human communication. Our one-click responses that evoke these are unique to DynaRoom.


Video transmission via webcam

Convey feelings that cannot be conveyed simply by voice.

Audio transmission High quality audio transmission - 24/7. Text chat Text chat is included, of course. Private chat functionality. One click response Understood? Or not? Funny? Or not? In a face-to-face situation you would know - this subtle information is critical for smooth communication. With conventional distance-meeting and distance-seminar technologies this kind of information was difficult to convey but we have solved this with our one-click responses. With one button nod or use subtle sounds to respond to the speaker. One-click response brings cold long-distance communication to life. Pointer Use the pointer to point out things to conversation participants. Shared whiteboard Share PowerPoint files with all participants. Anyone can add diagrams or notes to the file. Of course, it is all shared.

●Operating Environment

CPU  Pentium4 1.0GHz or above Memory  256MB or more OS  Windows 2000/XP/Vista  *MacOS users please contact us. Display  XGA(1024×768) or more Network  Up/Download 1Mbps or greater broadband

●Requirements PC *Connected to the internet Headset *With mic and earphone Web Camera Try Dynaroom for free The free Dynaroom test room is open 24 hours a day.