iGyudon App

iGyudonTry practicing gyudon cooking with "iBeefBowl".


Have you ever tried Gyudon, the Japanese fast food?

Gyudon is a fast food item often eaten in Japan.
Perhaps you may have eaten it there.

Gyudon is a member of the "donburi," or "bowl" class of Japanese dishes.
It consists of beef stewed with onion and spices, all served over steamed rice.

Among the many healthy dishes of Japanese cuisine,
gyudon's calorie content is relatively high, and it is quite filling.

Everyone who tries it falls captive to its flavor.



iBeefBowl is a simple gyudon cooking simulator.
Try practicing gyudon cooking with iBeefBowl.



  1. You don't have to worry about making mistakes. You can experience the whole process on your iPhone.

  2. It's useful when assembling ingredients, and you can quickly double-check amounts.

  3. Try making your own original gyudon! You can add toppings like red pepper, green onion, or raw egg.

  4. Brag to your friends. You can save pictures of your gyudon, and share them with ease.


Technical information

iBeefBowl incorporates technology of ,"The TangibleRecipe system" for this application.


iBeefBowl Screenshot

Start the application. Put the seasoning in the pot. Stew the beef and onion.

Finished beef bowl. You can create an illustration. You can draw the characters.

Operation explanation

The main operation for running the application.

Drag your finger on the seasoning, and put. Trace your fingers, mix the ingredients. Tracing with a finger and draw.



Recipe for the BeefBowl




Soy source(30cc)
Dashi(a little)
Suger(a little)
Onion(1/4 from 1/2 of whole)
Rice(Ave. 150g)



(1)Drag the water,Soy source,Mirin,Dashi,Suger and put in the pot.
(2)Start to fire.
(3)Wait a minute.
(4)Drag the onion and put in the pot.
(5)Mix in the pot&Stew the onion.
(6)Drag beef and put in the pot.
(7)Mix in the pot&Stew the beef.
(8)Put ingredients on the bowled bolied rice.